Personal finances

Personal finances under one roof.

Wealth management is a systematic process. Orange Envelope guards Your savings, investments, and helps to manage Your financial future.

Find out the color of Your pension, investment and credit traffic light. Try to adjust savings parameters or find out the impact of extra loan repayment. Have Your personal finances under control with Orange Envelope.

Evaluate Your risk tolerance and identify suitable and appropriate products for You.

Analyze and Compare

Orange Envelope allows to create high performing portfolios.

Selection of good investment is a complicated process. Try our filter and find the best fund with high rating and low volatility. Compare the performance of pension and mutual funds or ETFs.

Crete our own watchlist of favorite investments and markets will be on Your hand.

Managed portfolios, mutual funds and strategies.

Portal for employers

A good employer contributes. A fantastic employer wants to help their employees to achieve a adequate pension.

Show Your employee what pension You will provide and not only how much You contribute. Orange Envelope provides employers with individualized reports on pension benefits, statistics on participation, reports on performance and cost-effectiveness of pension benefits, comparison with benchmarks, setting the KPIs for customized reports, design and implementation of private pension scheme based on pan-European pension product (PEPP), interconnection with Your information systems via API.


  • Connecting I., II., III., IV. pension pillar and pension projections
  • Pension, Investment and Credit traffic light
  • Create unlimited portfolios
  • Follow unlimited credits
  • Analyze and Compare unlimited financial products


  • Investment and savings strategies
  • Backtesting tool for strategies
  • Investment and portfolio projections
  • Family accounts (shared products)
  • Pension and credit calculators

We will be seeking Your support

Orange Envelope is the results of long-lasting research. The research, development of new functionalities and operation of the portal generates costs. We believe the Orange Envelope delivers the value and believe that You will support us in our mission. Look at the demo account and explore all functionalities the Orange Envelope offers.

Orange Envelope team

The heart of the platform is the robust microsimulation model developed by the research team. The platform is managed and developed by many experienced as well as young researchers from the area of pension economics, financial mathematics and economics. We work with the modern technologies and verify solutions that will come to the market in future. The platform is operated on the Amazon Web Services. We adhere to the highest standards of availability, functionality and security. But we also operate a local "powerfull hardware" for running billions of simulations.